Taking us back to Chola Era… Kurichi Lake depicting the celebration of Tamil culture and tradition…!

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3 min readAug 7, 2023

The Kurichi Lake is spread over an area of 372 acres and dating back to the Chola period, is undergoing a remarkable transformation under the Smart City project, courtesy to KCP Infra. Kurichi Lake is always been the people’s favourite especially for its Hill View with lovely scenery.

Coimbatore Corporation left the task of rejuvenating this ancient pond in the hands of Class I contractor KCP Infra Limited. The ambitious renovation project, carried out by KCP Infra Ltd, spans an area of 5 km and has been executed at an estimated cost of around Rs.50 crores.

KCP Chandra Prakash, Managing Director of KCP Infra Ltd, shared details about the transformational efforts put into the pond area. “The banks of the Kurichi Pond, now 4 meters wide, have been designed with modern technology to facilitate activities like walking, jogging, and cycling. Alongside the banks, vibrant flowering plants and saplings have been thoughtfully planted, adding a touch of nature’s beauty.” he said.

As a celebration of Tamil culture and tradition, the pond area features sculptures showcasing traditional Tamil sports such as Jallikattu, Silambam and the vibrant Pongal festival. Of particular significance, 12 feet tall statues depicting five young men attempting to tame the majestic Kangeyam bull have been meticulously crafted by Metal Construction. A unique portrayal that stands out from the conventional statues of warriors taming bulls seen elsewhere.

Additionally, KCP Infra Ltd has introduced a host of statues, including the, Bharatanatyam woman dancer, and Silambam warriors, all standing at an impressive height of 8 feet that portrays our tradition aesthetically.

On the bankside of Kurichi pond, KCP Infra has constructed a unique statue of the Great Tamil Poet and Philosopher Thiruvalluvar with 1330 Tamil characters in honor of 1330 Thirukkural written by Thiruvalluvar. All the Tamil alphabets in the sculpture are made of quality steel and the letters are interlaced in different shapes to reflect the sun’s rays on the idol.

KCP Infra Limited has installed tensile roofs in the pond area, akin to those seen at international airports, providing visitors with comfort, while admiring the park and the picturesque lake creating spaces for relaxation and enjoyment. The viewing area, thoughtfully designed to offer spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset, promises serene moments for visitors.

The much-anticipated inauguration of the rejuvenated Kurichi Pond is on the horizon, and as the work nears completion, the people of Coimbatore eagerly await the unveiling of this magnificent tribute to Tamil art and culture.



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